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Server faced some downtime today due to a problem on our hosts end. The server motherboard had a power surge and this caused it to shut down to prevent any damage and go into some sort of safety mode meaning we couldn't access the machine. The large delay on getting it back up was due to the fact that the hosts had to manually go in and turn the machine on. 

Sorry for any delays but we are finally back up :)

Happy Smashing everyone!

Ethanpc2003 there was this guy who forced tp to me and one shot me.... im not sure about getting my immortal rank now if this is wha ...
swagginthebagg I hope the server dosn`t just stop forever someday.
poping19 Penis

The Great Reset has come upon us

As requested by many of you and upon the decision of many staff members we have decided to reset the server map. We think it is the right time to do it and this will solve many issues that we currently have such as the inflated economy and lag that we receive from quite large and strenuous bases.

This is ultimately for the best and will make the server far more enjoyable with a new awesome market, mob arena and spawn which has a nice PvP arena centered in the middle too.

Lastly, anyone who donated to the server within the last 12 days will have their rank re-applied meaning they will receive the money + items they would get upon purchase.

Happy Smashing everyone
RedDcdd Uh mousey i really need help... My legendary from the reset is gone can you please help me get itk back please. my /kit ...
[Helper] ps3man281 Can we keep all our money this reset! Please Mousey!
EthanNRAGE1 plz reset again!
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