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               Welcome To SmasherCraft                Everyone is welcome to the new SmasherCraft   website. Later i will have a new server so all can enjoy Minigames, Prison, Factions, Skywars,Survival Games and much much more! See ya when its done!laughing

matty258987   registered to Smasher Craft
matty258987this is totally a rip off of the old tekkit server that used to have this url and name etc...
Smasher Craft has reached a new hit record of 4 unique hits today!
DJ_A_Ripz   registered to Smasher Craft
DJ_A_RipzIs there a new IP yet?
Oursnotmine   registered to Smasher Craft
OursnotmineWill I have my old donor rank? Ps my new username is MeowRaiding
TheOnlyZosoman and GraveSmasher00 registered to Smasher Craft
GraveSmasher00   published Welcome to my new website on News
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